LEADERSHIP: Some say you’re just born with it. Others say its learned. Given my observations and experience, I think its probably a bit of both. The most effective leaders I know, have a small team of mentors and advisers. I have mine. And I’ve also noticed that most of those who find themselves in leadership roles, typically have some itch to scratch that others don’t. My work with leaders typically starts with helping them identify exactly what that itch is and then how to steward that underlying impulse and energy in a productive and empowering way. In short, I become part of their support team.

LEADING YOURSELF: One of my mentors once said, there are four categories or directions of leadership: leading down, leading laterally, leading up and leading your self. The most important and, undoubtedly, the most challenging leadership task is that of leading yourself. To do so effectively requires being brutally honest with yourself, owning your strengths and growth areas, learning to manage yourself and building an effective support team around you. I can partner with you to help you do this.

CONTEXTUALIZED APPROACH: Leading others, whether down, up or laterally, requires the application of different skills. I can help you gain the insights you need to better understand the members of your team and adjust your approach to better fit your context and those who you are leading. And I can also assist you with your team to help resolve internal conflicts, unhealthy alliances or coalitions and help each team member gain a better understanding of the strengths each person brings to the team in order to maximize your efforts to achieve your collective objectives.

VALUE BASED LEADERSHIP: One could operationally define leadership as a series of decisions. Most leaders will, at some point, be tasked with making difficult decisions; decisions that carry broad sweeping implications for themselves and others. What guides those decisions is critical. I can help you and your team lead more consciously toward your mission and build a value based culture that will leave a legacy you are proud of.

LEADING CHANGE: Leading a group or organization through negative change such as the dismissal of a top leader due to misconduct, downsizing, industry changes or financial shortfall; or leading through positive change such as arrival of a new leader, product, service, program or business approach requires a unique set of leadership skills and the appropriate timing and application of those skills to move a group or organization forward with minimal bumps along the way. I can partner with you and your group to help you navigate your way more effectively.

LEADING THROUGH A CRISIS: During my doctoral research, I devoted more than a decade to understanding how best to lead congregations through an instance of clergy sexual misconduct. My dissertation captured much of what I learned to that point. And I’ve been working on a second book, which I’m nearing completion of, which captures what I’ve learned over the last number of years through my consulting and first hand leadership experience. I’ve been consulting with congregational leadership in Canada, the US an UK, since late 1997, and if you find yourself facing this kind of situation, I’m confident I can assist you.

BUSINESS CONSULTANT: Over time, my consulting work has extended to include leaders in small businesses who are experiencing staffing challenges and change management issues.

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