Dr. Paul Day

INTRO: My name is Dr. Paul Day. I’ve been helping men and women, couples, families, pastors and congregations as well as business leaders and their staff become a healthier version of themselves through my work as a psychotherapist and leadership consultant, for more than two decades.

SCOPE OF PRACTICE: Like most psychotherapists, I’ve worked with a broad range of issues. But my clinical experience has revealed that my approach tends to be most effective with those struggling with the effects of trauma and abuse, forgiveness, addictions, sexuality, burnout, identity formation, anxiety and depression, stress, infidelity, divorce, parenting challenges, blended family adjustments, habitual unhealthy behavioral and relational patterns, personality growth issues, mid-life transitions, grief and transitions and work-life balance. As a leadership consultant, I’ve been most effective helping leaders define their strengths and build a support team around them, manage staff issues and consulting leadership crisis and change management situations.

APPROACH: Although I’ve been trained in several approaches including multiple family therapies and, in a more focused way, object relations therapy, I have adopted a counseling approach I refer to as “Internal Dialogue Therapy”. It’s an approach that helps me gain insight into your conscious and unconscious internal dynamics rather quickly to help you get clarity on your internal world so we can partner together to help you move toward a more authentic and healthier version of you. Aspects of this approach map over to my work with leaders and organizational systems.

Having lived in different countries and cultures, and worked with thousands of clients from diverse backgrounds, I’ve been shaped in profound ways that’s nurtured a deep respect for all faiths, cultures and orientations. And, if we find there is a natural connection between us, I’m confident I can assist you in your growth process.

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CONNECT: If you’re looking for more of a traditional resume on me, continue reading. Otherwise, if you’re ready, click on one of the links below for more details about booking counseling. If it would help, give me a call and we can discuss any questions you might have and give you a chance to get a feel for who I am. No charge. No obligation. Then if you like, we can book an appointment to meet face to face at my office or remotely by video, telephone or email.








FAMILY: First and foremost, I’m a husband to Linda (m.90) and father of daughter, Sydney (b.97) and son, Josh (b.99). They are my “happy place” and should there be a conflict of any kind between any of them and pretty much anything else, I choose them.

TRAINING: My academic journey included completing a B.A. Specialization in Psychology & Minor in Education (’87) from Concordia University (Montreal, PQ), a Diploma in Religious Studies (89′) from University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON), a M.A. in Counseling (’91’) from the University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON), a M.A. in Christian Leadership (’97) from the Graduate School of Theology at Fuller Seminary (Pasadena, CA), and a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy (’04) from the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Seminary (Pasadena, CA). I also worked as an adjunct professor at the Calgary extension of Vanguard College (’99-’04) where I co-designed and taught the curriculum for the four-year Counseling Major.

My doctoral dissertation titled, “A Theory of Congregational Intervention: A Decision Making Model for Handling Clergy Sexual Misconduct“, summarized twelve years of research and consulting focused on helping decision makers and church leaders assist their staff and congregation navigate their way through instances of clergy sexual misconduct.

CLINICAL EXPERIENCE: I earned my counseling stripes working at counseling clinics in Ottawa ON (91′-93′) and Athens ON (’92-’93) in Canada, and then in Diamond Bar (’94-’98) and Covina (’95-’98) in Southern California. I’ve operated a private psychotherapy practice on and off since 1991 in Ottawa (’91-’93) and Calgary (’98-’06, then 12′ to present). I am a clinical member and clinical supervisor with the Professional Association of Christian Counselors and Psychotherapists (PACCP #502AB12).

LEADER CONSULTANT: In 98′ I expanded my work to include consulting one-on-one with individual leaders as well as church and small business leadership groups. The majority of my work with individual leaders has focused on their growth as a person and as a leader, specific to the context in which they were leading. And the majority of my work with leadership groups has been focused on leading through crisis and transition, both in a church context as well as business.

LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE: My journey to this point has also included working as a pastor at four churches, in both Canada and the U.S. (’86-’07), a member (including position as chairperson) of several non-profit boards in Canada (99′-06′), a director of Contextual Solutions, a Panama-based humanitarian organization focused on water, food and clean air technologies (08′-’12).

I hope you’ve found this page helpful and informational.

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